10 Gbps Information

We offer the fastest internet service speed you can get in the U.S. – 10 Gbps

So, how fast is 10 gigs? Well, you could download a 4K movie in less than 30 seconds or you could stream around 1,700 movies simultaneously. The possibilities are endless.

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Configuration Template

For a detailed template on how to configure your 10 Gbps connection, click here

Home Router Info

The basic home router setup will involve having the port that is plugged into the UTOPIA Fiber network set up for DHCP. A second interface on a port facing the customer’s devices should be configured using as the router interface. NAT should be used to connect home devices.

10 Gbps FAQ’s

What providers offer 10 Gbps service?

Currently only brigham.net, Veracity Networks, and XMission offer 10 Gbps, but we anticipate more providers offering this in the near future.

What is the data cap?

Each ISP is different. Contact them directly for their limitations.

What is the cost for a 10 Gbps connection?
  • brigham.net: $199.99/month
  • Veracity Networks: $199.99/month
  • XMission: $250/month

You can find all pricing options here under Table 2.


What are the contract options?
  • brigham.net: Requires a 1-year contract on new installs.
  • Veracity Networks: Requires a 2-year contract.
  • XMission: Does not require any contract.

You can find UTOPIA Fiber’s contract options here under Table 2.

How long does this take to get installed?

15 business days

Can you get this product anywhere on the network?


What should I realistically expect on a speed test?

In our lab testing, we are able to reliably reach 3-5 Gbps results from speedtest.net. You may obtain better results over time due to improvements in hardware/software. Keep in mind, some speed test sites have limitations on this type of offering and may not be able to test speeds this high.

What kind of equipment do I need?

In order to connect to the UTOPIA Fiber network, you will need to provide the following:

  • An OM3 or OM4 grade Multimode Duplex LC Jumper to connect between your equipment and our switch.
    • An OM3/4 cable will typically have an aqua colored jacket.
    • This can be purchased from: https://www.fs.com/products/41736.html
    • OM1 grade jumpers can’t be used for the connection. OM1 jumpers typically have an orange colored jacket.
  • You will need to supply a 10GBase-SR optic for your equipment.
  • 10GBASE-T connections are not available for this product.
  • A switch/router capable of accepting a 10G connections.
Will UTOPIA Fiber support single mode fiber handoffs?


Will you provide a router?

No, you will need to provide your own.

What kind of router do I need?

10 Gbps consumer routers aren’t quite widely available yet. Though, there are some small business options or you can build your own dedicated router and use open source router software.
As for an off the shelf router option, Mikrotik offers a few options for a router that can accept 10G connections.

  • Part Number: CCR1009-7G-1C-1S+PC – Offers 1x10G SFP+ port as well as 7xGigabit Ethernet ports for about $500
  • Part Number: CCR1036-8G-2S+ – Offers 2x10G SFP+ ports as well as 8xGigabit Ethernet ports for about $1,100

As for building your own router, there are open source router software options such as VyOS and pfSense.  We tested VyOS using the following hardware set up and were able to have reliable speed test results in the 3-5 Gbps range.

  • Intel 240GB SATA3 SSD
  • G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB DDR4 Memory
  • MSI Z270 Motherboard
  • Intel 7th Gen i7-7700K
  • StarTech.com SFP+ Server Network Card 4 port NIC
  • Corsair RMx Series RM850x 850 W power supply

All consumer grade routers available only support 1 Gbps connections. You will not be able to achieve multiple gigabit per second throughput over a wireless network.

What configuration should I use?

A good basic configuration is to have a 10 Gbps capable router accept the 10 Gbps connection and provide NAT service to multiple 1 Gbps connected devices. Click here for more information.