UTOPIA (Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency) Fiber is a group of 11 Utah cities that joined together in 2004 to build, deploy, and operate a fiber to the home (FTTH) network to every business and household within their communities. Our network allows subscribers to connect to the world in ways they have never experienced before, providing blazingly fast Internet speeds, phone, and television services.

Using an active Ethernet infrastructure and operating at the wholesale level, we support open access and promote competition in all telecommunications services. UTOPIA Fiber’s 11 service areas represent nearly 28% of all communities in the United States that can enjoy 10 Gigabit service on a publicly owned network—100 times faster than the national average of 8 Mbps.


When an item is posted, there will be two files that will be made available: the request itself and when questions are received a list of the questions and answers. Please check back frequently to see if the list of questions and answers has been updated.

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All meetings of UTOPIA and UIA are open to the public unless closed pursuant to the applicable provisions of Utah’s Open and Public Meetings Act. A written agenda of each open meeting will be posted in the reception area of UTOPIA (5858 S 900 E Murray, UT), no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting, and a copy of the agenda shall be provided to at least one newspaper of general circulation within the City or to a local media correspondent.
Meetings in addition to those specific herein will be held as circumstances require. Appropriate notice will be given for such meetings.

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that commencing January 1, 2018, the meeting schedule for the Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) and Utah Infrastructure Agency (UIA) for the year 2018 shall be as follows: Meetings are scheduled for the second Monday of the following months (unless otherwise listed as an exception), at 8:30 AM for UIA and 10:00 AM for UTOPIA, at the locations listed below.

* Joint meeting of both the UTOPIA and UIA boards. Meeting will commence at 10AM.

Date / Location

February 12, 2018 / UTOPIA Offices
April 9, 2018 / UTOPIA Offices
June 11, 2018 / UTOPIA Offices
August 13, 2018 / UTOPIA Offices
October 15, 2018 (Exception) / UTOPIA Offices
December 10, 2018 / UTOPIA Offices


Wayne PyleWest Valley CityChairman
Jamie DavidsonOrem1st Vice Chair
Adam CowieLIndon2nd Vice Chair
Kane LoaderMidvale3rd Vice Chair
Shawn WarnkeTremonton4th Vice Chair
Tom PetersonBrigham CityUTOPIA Board Member
Ted EyreMurrayUTOPIA Board Member
George McEwanCentervilleUTOPIA Board Member
Michael HardyPaysonUTOPIA Board Member
Karen CroninPerryUTOPIA Board Member
Bruce DavisLaytonUTOPIA Board Member
Roger CarterWashingtonUTOPIA Board Member (Non-Pledging)
Gary GygiCedar HillsUTOPIA Board Member (Non-Pledging)
Rick HolmanCedar CityUTOPIA Board Member (Non-Pledging)
No Current Rep.VineyardUTOPIA Board Member (Non-Pledging)
Lance BlackwoodRivertonUTOPIA Board Member (Non-Pledging)


Alex JensenLaytonUIA Chairman
Jason RobertsBrigham City1st Vice Chair
Phillip HillMidvale2nd Vice Chair
Sam LentzOrem3rd Vice Chair
Paul IsaacWest Valley CityUIA Board Member
Justin ZollingerMurrayUIA Board Member
Paul CutlerCentervilleUIA Board Member
Jeff AcersonLindonUIA Board Member
Michael HardyPaysonUIA Board Member